Independent Motor Dealers Association

Who can join the IMDA and how much does it cost?

There are three levels of membership:-

  • Approved Dealer Membership
  • Approved Supplier Membership
  • Approved & Supporting Membership

Approved Dealer Membership

This membership is open to all reputable Independent Dealers both Non-franchise & Franchise (owner-driver) regardless if you are a 5 car ‘Home Trader’ or a well know ‘Supercar Specialist’ we would love you to join, but only if you treat customers and fellow dealers fairly and with respect.

What are the benefits of joining The IMDA ?

Well here’s the exciting bit, the list below is not exhaustive but is jam packed with value:-

  • Full Access to use the Trade only IMDA Forum which over the years has be an invaluable tool for sharing industry knowledge & best practice between dealers.  
  • Legal Advice through Lawdata (Legal experts in the Automotive field) with a dedicated Legal Helpline.
  • Full Access to The IMDA Hub- Industry Information & learning Hub with relevant news & views.
  • Choose from a wide range of Exclusive IMDA Offers from various handpicked Approved Suppliers.
  • Daily updated blogs from Industry Experts sharing their views & news.
  • Get your Voice heard as we lobby Corporations & Government on your behalf.
  • Support with FCA Compliance, GDPR, HR & Employment Law at the end of the phone.
  • Use of The IMDA Logo for use on your website and marketing material
  • These are just a small number of the benefits YOU will get by becoming a member.

Benefits that will help you run your business more efficiently either by cutting costs or adding value and time to your already busy schedule, THE Place for all your resource.

To become a member you will have to practice The IMDA’s Code of Conduct and provide the following information:-

  • VAT Registration Number
  • Proof of Motortrade Insurance policy
  • 2x Trade References (ideally other like-minded dealers that you know or you deal with regularly)

How much does it cost?

Here’s the best bit;

Absolutely NOTHING !

No it’s not an error, as an association we want to help you and until 19/01/2020* there is no charge to get all the benefits of being an approved IMDA Member. What’s the next step? Well that’s easy, click on the button below to commit to become a Member and start enjoying the benefits of The IMDA Hub.

Membership fee’s ( Should there be any ) beyond 19/01/2020* will be sent to every member in advance to continue with The IMDA  membership or cancel with no penalty clauses.

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How can you help the IMDA grow?

Although the IMDA is a Not-For - Profit Association it still has its costs to cover.

Most of these costs are covered by our Approved Suppliers annual subscriptions but as we grow larger the costs unfortunately will grow with it.
At these early stages the founder members are helping subsidise the IMDA with their unpaid work, however there will come a time when we will require admin staff to ensure the smooth running of the Association, with this growth comes cost.

If you are an Independent Motor Dealer and would like to support the work we do please help us help you via a donation. As a member you will be able to view the IMDA annual accounts and see for yourself how your support has helped.  These donations are VAT free and as a thank you we will name you as an IMDA Supporter on a special page within the IMDA Hub.

Your support is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Donate £25

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Approved Supplier Membership

This membership is open to any supplier who supplies products or services to the Independent Motor Dealers. This includes but not restricted to Suppliers who supply the following Sectors:-

  • Car Sourcing
  • Training Companies
  • Motortrade Insurance
  • Classified Websites
  • Website Suppliers
  • Social Media , Video & Digital Experts
  • Finance Partners
  • FCA Compliance Experts
  • Business Consultants
  • Utilities
  • DMS/CRM Suppliers
  • Warranty Suppliers
  • Aftersales Suppliers

A maximum of 5 Suppliers Per Sector

How much does it cost?

Talk to us about how to become an approved supplier; email us at or call us on 01257 498 100

What do I get for my money?

It’s THE burning question, and listed below are the features and benefits you will receive:-

  • Your logo will be displayed on our website which is open to the Public Domain, this is where we will point dealers who want more information before joining The IMDA.
  • Your logo and company will be listed on the Approved Suppliers Directory within our Members ONLY online website called The IMDA Hub. You will be easily found and members can easily find your Exclusive Offer on your dedicated Approved Suppliers page, which will have various information about your company, including a quote from yourselves, reviews from members and the most important part your Exclusive IMDA Member Offer, which you can produce as a ‘flyer’ and we will promote openly.
  • Your logo will also appear on Newsletters that will go out to all members at least once a month.
  • Full Access to The IMDA Hub- Industry Information & learning Hub with relevant news & views.

How many members do you have?

There is a real desire and appetite for the Association from Independents across the UK and we predict that with 12 months we could have 500-750 subscribed members.

But this has to be a WIN, WIN, WIN situation. This isn’t just about you paying us for inclusion in our website and Hub, this is about you gaining good quality business from it and us helping refer business to a reputable business like yours, where our members feel value for money.

To become an Approved Supplier you must practice by The IMDA’s Code of Conduct and sign this along with the terms and condition

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